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I can be your secret-keeper, or fight your corner when your ideas are being rejected by others - a virtual matron of honour.
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Good morning, Vikki! Thank you for everything you have done and you made my day special. You made such an effort in organising and the overall night.Vendusa & Hashan

Vikki Richman Wedding PlannerPlanning Your Wedding - Your Way

I've been an avid list-writing organiser my entire life. From creating my own library numbering system with my Enid Blyton books as a child, to setting up and running two venue wedding services.

Planning and organising is what I do

After university I worked professionally in the theatre industry as a stage manager, which if you don't know is primarily about running rehearsals, sourcing props, sets and costumes and co-ordinating the final production for however long it may run. I also worked hands on building sets and props from scratch, and learned to make and mend costumes on the run. And I worked with some fantastic teams.

Every day a million impossible things are achievedI went on to work in marketing, planning promotional events, and eventually to join the team that set up The Hat Factory in Luton, the reincarnation of a once failed arts centre and helped to boost its income through venue hire. My experience in theatre made me an easy fit for the burgeoning arts centre because of my knowledge of the requirements for shows and a willingness to help upcoming arts professionals. You may have heard the old saying the show must go on well working in theatre/arts with tight deadlines and huge demands this phrase is key. The premise of it is that you don't give up no matter what, and this is something that has stuck with me throughout my professional career.

After several years of managing venue hire enquiries for just the one venue in Luton, I was put in charge of a central service, which was set up to look after five very different Luton venues and lead to my first opportunity to work within a museums environment. Over my 14+ years working in venue hire I've worked on a huge variety of events, shows, training days, trade fairs, open days, networking events, team building days, presentations, etc too many to mention. Where a hands-on approach or additional support was required I was there and I encouraged and managed my teams to take this same approach.

Venue hire management eventually lead to the set up of my first wedding service at Stockwood Discovery Centre, which has been running for 5 years now and was a huge turning point for me. Overseeing setting up the service from scratch, but at a venue that had hosted weddings in the past, meant that I could really work on the fundamentals of wedding planning. I learnt a lot in that first year and continue to learn from every wedding and event I've hosted since.

Most recently I was involved in the plans for the redevelopment of Wardown House Museum and Gallery. I was looking at ways to show off the beautiful new rooms for corporate and private hire, and the idea of small scale weddings took flight.

The setting up of both services required researching what couples want and need on their wedding day, as well as what other venues exist and what they offer. Our offers were created with this in mind so that we would be both industry competitive but also have a potential unique placement within Luton and Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and beyond. Our local registrar told me that of all the Luton licensed ceremony venues ours at Stockwood Discovery Centre was the most requested.

Working with so many fantastic couples over the last five years has also afforded me the opportunity to identify where couples were struggling and needed a little extra help, which is where the idea of Your Wedding Friend came from.

Many couples have no problems planning their own wedding with the help of friends and family, but for those that aren't natural planners or just get overwhelmed in the details, expectations or practicalities, I saw need of just a little bit of guidance. Your Wedding Friend is just that, a bit (or a lot) of wedding planning guidance and support, when needed.

I can be your secret keeper, or fight your corner when ideas are being rejected by others, or virtual matron of honour to take the load off you. What-ever you need, when you need it and at affordable, flexible rates to suit your budget.

I love wedding planning and it would be my absolute pleasure to share my skills with you and help you create the wedding of your dreams, whatever your plans, however big or small.

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craft wedding accessoriesSo you've both said "yes". Congratulations! But now you don't know where to start wedding planning? Your Wedding Friend is here to help. Use this form and get Vikki's FREE wedding Planning Checklist! You can email Vikki at or call her on 07801 328639.

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