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A large lawn and trees in the background with a cloudy sky

Wedding Day Weather

You've chosen the date for your wedding and booked the venue and everything is coming together. Now is when you start looking at the smaller details, and this is one of those details that can get overlooked. But how can you prepare for the great British weather? I'll tell you below...

Every season comes with its own wedding planning challenges - summer can get too hot, winter too snowy, spring and autumn tend to have random rain, but I suppose that's true pretty much any time of the year in the UK. The only thing guaranteed about the great British weather is that there are no guarantees, so it's best to plan accordingly.

If you're planning a winter wedding without considering the possibility of snow, then you're potentially setting yourself up for trouble. Ask your venue what contingency plans they have, what have they done previously in the event of heavy snow? Do they offer a refund if your wedding can't go ahead because no-one can get to your venue (including their staff)? This is especially important if your venue is off the beaten track in a countryside location. Even town-based venues struggled in some of the worst snows a few years back.

Summer weddings can be a bit mad; you've got just as much potential for excessive rain as for excessive heat and may need to plan for both. With any outdoor wedding venue or ceremony, extra provision may be required pending the weather; decorative brollies work equally well for protection against the rain and for the sun.

Spring and Autumn are equally random, and evenings are generally colder than you might think. Brollies, heating, additional lighting and potentially blankets for outdoor seating areas may be required.

Whatever the season, whatever the weather thrown at you, so long as you prepare, there's nothing stopping you from having an amazing day - and photographer love a grey day as it makes for great pictures.

Go with it, you'll likely have a great day whatever the weather throws at you X