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The image includes a declaration by BAPIA about balloon releases, Creative Decorations logo and certificate with a rainbow balloon arch

Please do Not Release balloons at your wedding

When you want to remember lost loved ones at your wedding there are several ways you might think of, and balloon releases often come up, but they're really not a great idea. So, for this blog I've brought in balloon expert Helen from Creative Decorations to tell you why.

So, over to Helen

You may think it looks pretty and it is a great way to involve all your family members. But there is no easy way saying it - balloon releases are bad. Your balloons do not go up, well they do, but not that far and then they just come straight back down - you have heard the saying what goes up must come down, well this is exactly what happens. I know you have good intensions, but all you are doing is throwing rubbish everywhere. You are also putting my business and other balloon professionals' businesses at risk. As environmentalists are trying to get balloons banned!! And this is the problem that my industry faces, balloons should not be banned - balloon releases should! And I feel as a balloon professional that is my job to help you understand these reasons and to talk you through all the different balloons that are available to you.

To you a balloon is just that a balloon, well I work with so many different types. These are the most common ones and the ones you are more familiar with. Latex balloons - The latex balloons I use in all my work are biodegradable and take around the same time as on oak leaf to biodegrade. Having said this it does not mean they should be released; studies show that 12% burst into small pieces, and 81% were recovered with half of the balloon mass intact.

Foil balloons - Foil balloons are not biodegradable are longer lasting and conduct electricity!! So should NEVER be released and in California they have their own law about it.

And as a member of Bapia and PEBA I do not support any balloon releases or provide balloons for this purpose.

If you were thinking of doing something to commemorate the memory of someone and wanted to involve balloons here my 2 favourite options.

1. Air filled balloons with seeds inside. You can still involve all the family. All need to do is pop the balloon in a certain area and the seeds will fall out and then you will have plants/trees in memory of the person. You then put your popped balloon in a bin.

2. A balloon wall This is perfect for any venue, school or workplace. I can build you a balloon wall (once lockdown rules are over) and everyone can write their own message onto the balloons and lots of photos can be taken, then you can make a collage. Again, once the you are done with the balloons they can popped and placed into a bin.

I hope this has given you some ideas as why you should not be releasing balloons and I hope you love my alternative ideas. If I can be of any more help, please do not hesitate to contact me Helen -

Huge Thanks to Helen for the fab blog. If you want to know more about what amazing things Helen can do for your fabulous wedding, check out her website below. X