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Wedding Planner Questions For Couples

Whether you've considered working with a wedding planner or not, you may have lots of questions about what we actually do. So I thought we'd go through some of the steps of how we work with you. First step: When we meet or speak in person for the first time I (or any wedding planner) will have a whole bunch of questions to ask you. In this blog I'll take you through the kind of things we ask and why.

Firstly, it's important to mention that we will often be taking notes. We're not ignoring you, but it helps us for later on to keep tabs on what we've discussed. I'll also refer to my notes and prepared questions, which all help to keep the conversation on track. At the end of the day, the main focus of this meeting is to gather as much information about you and your wedding day as possible, so that I can give you what you're looking for. So, on to the first question…

How did the two of you meet?

We start with an easy question. This one gives me some hints into who you are as a couple and as individuals. Hopefully it will also put you at ease. I've found that there is often a funny story or interesting fact that helps me get to know you who you were when you first met, what attracted you to each other. Many couples like to make a nod in their wedding to this, often in a speech; or maybe a mutual love of something that you've continued to pursue over the time you've been together, then creates a theme to your day.
We'll generally then move into chatting about the things you like; do you regularly go to the movies or concerts? Or are you family focussed and spending time with them comes above everything else. It all helps to build up a picture of what's important to you both.

What do you want your wedding to look/feel like?

So, now we get to the details of your wedding. We work through the themes, the size, the style, the type of wedding day you're hoping for. A big part of that is the FEEL. How do you want to feel on your big day? Relaxed, loved, sophisticated, glamourous, the centre of attention, happy, thrilled? Is the emphasis on having fun or having an elegant soiree? If you want to feel relaxed then our focus should be on making sure everything is where it needs to be in plenty of time, and not on planning tonnes of content to pack into your day. For me, this initial meeting is about identifying your wedding priorities and ensuring they are tackled first. Everything else is built around these priorities; all my advice and support is geared to making those feelings a reality.

What don't you want at your wedding?

Some couples are surprised by this question but it's just as important for me to understand what should absolutely be avoided at all costs. Usually there's something that a couple have seen at another wedding that they hated or they just don't want to do all the 'boring traditional stuff' or maybe they just don't want to have any lulls in the day where guests feel like they're at a standstill. Again, we will work together to ensure these things don't happen, to the best of our joint abilities. By making the right decisions from the start and finding the right support along the way, your wedding dreams should be achievable and your wedding don'ts should be avoided.

The whole message behind a getting-to-know-you meeting is to get to know you! And you'll notice I talk here only about what You want, but I totally appreciate that a wedding can have many voices behind it. My priority is what the two of you want and if there are other opinions to be heard then I want to hear them but in a way that emphasizes how they work within your wedding vision. If there's a further conversation to be had then we'll make that happen, especially if it means working out where compromises can and should be made, but equally I will fight your corner if there are voices telling you not to do what you envisage.

I'll be sharing more blogs this year about my wedding planning process soon, so watch this space. X