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The inage is of me with a groom at a wedding from 2017, the room is decorated with cream curtains and bright red chairs

5 Ways a Wedding Planner can Help with Your DIY Wedding

Some people might question what value there is to hiring a wedding planner, especially when you've already accomplished so much of your wedding without one, but there are still things that come up at every wedding that a planner can really help you with, even if you're DIYing your big day…

1. Making sense of your wedding to-do list

As you count down to your wedding day you may suddenly feel like there's too much to do and not enough time to do it. At this point many couples feel like it's too late to bring in help, I'm here to tell you that isn't true - it's never too late to get the help you need, even if that's just asking someone to cast an eye over a spreadsheet. As a wedding planner I know what usually needs to be done at what point, so as well as going through your to-do list I can also help identify anything you might have missed or something that could make things easier for you, or maybe even save you money.

2. Chasing guest RSVP's

This is something I see come up a lot amongst couples on the last stretch of their wedding planning journey. It's something that in theory you have no control over, after all you don't want to upset your family by chasing after that rsvp; they've obviously decided you already know whether they're coming or not so they can get a bit miffed if you're chasing them for a response. A wedding planner can chase people without fear of upset or treading on toes, we're 'just doing a job'. We can phrase it in a way that it's us asking for our benefit and to make sure they have their questions answered - that's the other hidden benefit, we can answer the million daft questions that you don't have the time to field - what should I wear, where do we park, what time can I get in the hotel, etc etc. The same goes for…

3. Chasing wedding suppliers

They'll all want to know where they need to be and at what time. Some of them might not yet have got round to asking you what time they can get into your wedding venue/s or they may not have figured out all their drop-off points yet. Again, this is a whole set of other questions that you might not have the time to deal with, and that's where your wedding planner comes in. So long as we know all the ins and outs we can share that information with all your suppliers. And if anything changes, you can pass those updates to us and we'll make sure everyone that needs to be informed is.

4. Finishing projects on time

Whatever the project, chances are it'll take longer to do than you initially thought. Unlike many wedding planners, as a crafty DIYer myself I can also help you finish off those projects that have got away from you. I know my own limits (I cannot for the life of me knit or crochet!), so I'm not saying I can do an expert job on every possible DIY project but I pick up things quickly and understand most of the usual wedding DIY's or at the very least can help you set up a production line method to get the job done. Again, if you have a wayward bridesmaid who is supposed to be helping you on a project, I can be the one to approach them to see how they're getting along, saving you from potential tantrums and drama.

5. Venue set ups

By far the most common problem I see couples struggle with are all the last-minute bits and pieces that come up just as you should be focussing on getting ready. Hopefully you've set up in advance all the decorations you created at home but sometimes the venue don't allow this, or they've only allowed a partial set up, or maybe you're using the same room for ceremony and reception and need help with the change round. There's the saying that many hands make light work but what if some of those hands would much rather be wrapped around a glass of fizz than moving decs and flowers around a room? A wedding planner will co-ordinate the move and set up to your specifications. We know how long it takes to do these things at the best of times, but we can also ensure that all your helpers are given a job if necessary and get things done.

So, what I hope this shows is that your DIY wedding is still yours and all us wedding planners do is make your life that bit easier. Ultimately, we just want you to enjoy your big day surrounded by loved ones, relaxed and proud of what you've achieved. Doing a DIY wedding doesn't necessarily mean you have to do Everything yourself, just focus on the bits you want to and hand over the boring/hassle-y bits to someone else!

Happy Wedding Planning x