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Easy DIY Wedding Makes

Your DIY wedding success hinges on getting the right balance and having enough time to get things done, so you need to pick your project wisely. We're going to look at some of the most common ways couples like you have DIYed some of the elements of their wedding, and you can too…

Let's start with what you already know how to make. Are you an avid baker or seamstress? Where are your skill levels at? It's best to start from what you know to be easy for you. If you're just starting out on your first crafty DIY project then you'll need to allow plenty of time for trial and error, however some crafts are easy for even the least crafty people.

Wedding Favours

One of the simplest ideas to diy for your wedding is the traditional wedding favour, after all these were traditionally made by the family in the lead up to the wedding using a piece of netting/chiffon and 5 almonds or sweet treats, and a piece of ribbon. Jars or paper cones of sweets are so easy to make at home and cost effective too. Other more elaborate wedding favours might include personalised items like jars of jam or hot chocolate making kits or candles. Add some sticky or tie-on labels with your wedding day details on pretty much anything and you've got a personalised wedding favour. Bottles of miniatures, glasses, bags and more than all be personalised with a nice handwritten or printed label.

Wedding Stationery

From designing your own invitations on apps like Canva and sending them off to a printer, to using a standardised design and print system like Vista Print, you can create simple personalised stationery. Adding embellishments by hand is also possible with things like buttons, ribbons, even wax seals, all available from The Range/Hobbycraft and other good stationery and craft suppliers. There are also ready-made stationery sets available from the likes of The Range and WHSmith, which you need to complete with your specific details, but you could also add embellishments to or calligraphy the information. Truly handmade paper invitations and other stationery items are all very possible, my tip is to go with a simplified design that is easily replicated. There are loads of examples and tutorials for creating bespoke stationery and even learning calligraphy is possible on-line. Making a matching table plan is not rocket science, keep it simple by printing out your table details and sticking them to a foam board, or add decorations to a stand or picture frame. Don't forget you only need one invite per household not one per person! So MANY people waste time and funds on making way more invitations than they actually need, it's only table place names that you need to do one for each guest.

Entertainment for kids of all ages

A quick search on Pinterest will throw up a million and one ideas for ways to keep kids of all ages occupied on your wedding day. Simple activity packs can be made at home very easily and even personalised if you wish, then placed on your wedding breakfast tables. Outdoor games can be hired or bought at very reasonable prices, but if you truly wish to personalise your games there are some really simple ideas to look at like creating your own tin can alley from old baked bean tins painted in your wedding colours. You could create a mini pop up photobooth using an old repurposed picture frame and props you make or can buy very cheaply. Younger kids get very bored at points during a wedding and an activity table can be easily put together, but it might not be necessary if your venue has a children's play area or things that will keep them occupied. Everyone loves Lego and a bowl on each table will keep lots of your guests occupied, you could even make a competition of it with a prize to the best build! I've also seen some couples hold a raffle for charity or use scratchcards as wedding favours. It all adds to the fun of the day.

Simple/cheats floristry

There are some amazing cost effective and simple ways you can DIY your wedding floristry. The easiest is to cheat and buy ready-made silk bouquets from the likes of Dunelm, the Range or Hobbycraft. Or combine a couple of different bouquets, wrap some ribbon around them and hey presto you're done. Please note though that this isn't necessairly as cheap as you think if you buy individual stems of silk flowers, you're better off going on-line for those. Individual stems of flowers can be purchased from many places, including some florist shops, but if you're looking for something specific then you might want to check out your local flower wholesaler, warehouse or farm, though you may need to buy in larger quantities. Many of them offer advice and even sell or hire things like vases and forms for you to use. Your local florist may even run evening classes or courses in basic floristry so you can pick up the best advice and some skills.

Other decor

Table centres don't have to just feature flowers, you could use books, log slices, bottles, cans, jars, so many things that might suit your theme more than flowers or greenery. The only limit is the size of your table and your imagination. Backdrops and bunting, outside seating and lighting, so many additional décor ideas are totally achievable with a bit of planning and some help to put in all in place. And you don't necessarily need to buy everything brand new; you can save money by buying second hand from sites like Ebay but also check out your local Facebook marketplace, that way you're also saving things from going to waste.

There are so many ways to DIY your wedding, from the simple to the more complicated. If you or your family/friends have the skillset to bake and decorate your own cake or make your own outfits, or more, it's well worth putting in the effort. With enough time you could invest in training and gaining the skills you need to do the job yourself. You'll be gaining skills that will last you a lifetime and that maybe one day you might even make a living at. In the meantime…

Know your strengths. Give yourselves plenty of time to make them and practice. And Good Luck. X