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Images are of the venues mentioned in the blog inlcuding the insides of South Farm, Furtho Manor Farm and Eversholt Village Hall. Also shows the outside of Millbrook village hall. All the venues have a rustic look with beams and high ceilings

Venue View: DIY Wedding Venue Ideas in Herts, Beds, Cambs and Bucks

If you're planning to DIY some element of your wedding, you may be thinking about what venue might be appropriate for that. Well, it depends on what and how much of your wedding you want to do yourselves. So, let's consider some suggestions for venues within the Herts, Beds, Cambs, Bucks region…

Full disclaimer, basically ANY venue can be considered as ripe for some sort of DIYing. If you choose to use a fancy manor house venue there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't make your own table seating plan and matching stationery. But, if you want to do a fair bit more on your own terms, you might want to think more seriously about what venues give you the freedom to do anything.

So, let's start with a possible 'dream' wedding venue (well, it's one of my dream venues!)

South Farm has the feel of a truly DIY venue, whilst offering lots of great options and ideas, like any traditional venue - from food and drink to bedrooms and access to an elite team of wedding professionals. They also have a great storage solution so that you can drop off the bits and pieces for your wedding in advance. You don't get a huge amount of time to set up, which has to be done on the day of your wedding, so you'll need to recruit some help. But the rustic charm and unique nature of this venue truly lends itself to a DIY theme.

Now let's look at a venue that allows a bit more freedom

The stunning and quirky Eversholt Hall is a DIYers dream. They allow you that bit more time to do your own set up, so if you need the space to put together those floral centrepieces and build your own candy cart, then this might be the venue for you. There are lots of different areas you can use and decorate to your hearts content; from bannisters to side rooms and of course the main hall and entrance area. The only thing you can't entirely DIY here is your food and drinks but you're in very safe experienced hands with the Winslow Catering team.

A bit more quirky with added outdoorsy

Furtho Manor Farm has DIY written all over it but that doesn't mean you're losing any kind of quality. Here you have stunning outdoor bale style seating and the lakeside gazebo to hold your civil ceremony in. The barn has the massive doors making this an indoor/outdoor offer like no other. It's basically a blank canvas and huge with space to set up a kitchen and bar. You truly can decorate it however you see fit. Most couples keep some elements of the barn visible but if you wanted to fully drape it, that would certainly be possible here.

The ultimate DIY with class

At Millbrook Village Hall you've got a cute traditional English village, a relatively modern small hall and tonnes of green space around it including a playground. This is more than an average village hall. This is a hall that was built with events and socialising in mind. You have a good-sized, well equipped kitchen and a small bar area, which you can set up or hire in a bar company to run for you. There's no stage but you really do have the best of all worlds and again you can decorate it how you see fit. Such spaces are much cheaper to hire than their hotel counterparts but you really do have the freedom here that you just don't get even in the nicest, friendliest hotel.

Ultimately your venue decision will lead to so many other questions and decisions. Whether you go full DIY and budget friendly or chose the simplicity of all in one place and done by the venue, you can still add your personal touches and DIY elements that truly reflect you both.

Any help I can offer from advice on suppliers, to Helping Hands for the set-up, I'm here for you. X