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Vikki's Wedding Planning Stories

Vikki Richman - Your Friendly Wedding PlannerEach wedding day arrives full of its own stories - some good, some less so. I hope my blog's hints, tips, reflections and wedding planning ideas will help you to ensure that you fill your own wedding day with memories that will last a lifetime for all the right reasons.

Your DIY Wedding

In case you're new to this blog or haven't yet realised it yet, I LOVE community wedding venue spaces. Yes, some can be a bit ropey and sure some are a bit old fashioned, but you really shouldn't write them all off too quickly for your DIY wedding. There are some amazing venues out there that with a bit of work can become even more beautiful, with a little bit of guidance. …

Vikki Richman - 27th July 2020

My First Professional Wedding

Back in 2012 (OMG how is that 8 years ago!?) I was tasked with introducing a new wedding service for the venue I was working at. I had a year to figure things out, launch it and host our first wedding. My first professional wedding serviceā€¦ so what did I learn in that first year? Read on to find out.…

Vikki Richman - 12th July 2020

Health & Wellbeing and Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is stressful, there's so much to do and to save for, it's no wonder it's one of the 5 most worrying things you can do in life. So, how do you go about looking after your health and wellbeing under the pressure of wanting to look your best on your wedding day? Read on for some top ways to tackle that.…

Vikki Richman - 27th June 2020

Please do Not Release balloons at your wedding

When you want to remember lost loved ones at your wedding there are several ways you might think of, and balloon releases often come up, but they're really not a great idea. So, for this blog I've brought in balloon expert Helen from Creative Decorations to tell you why. …

Vikki Richman - 22nd May 2020

5 Questions you should ask potential wedding venues

As you look at various wedding venues and narrow down to your favourite ones, you might wonder what you should be asking them, to give yourselves the best chance of choosing the best option. Outside the obvious question on cost of course, what else should you ask? Read on to find out. …

Vikki Richman - 4th May 2020