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Lets Plan a Virtual Wedding Day

So, you've had to postpone your wedding day, but the invites have gone out and you've had special items printed with your intended wedding date. All is not lost. I've got just the offer for you… why not make it a 'virtually our wedding' day? Here's how…

First things first

What was your original date? How long have we got to plan this? A short turnaround should be possible if we all pull together. You've got your venue sorted after all and you've probably got a bunch of decorations that you were intending to use, that you've either bought or made, so that part is sorted. What else do you need to sort out?

Someone to conduct the ceremony

I work with some of the areas best celebrants, yes the ceremony won't be legal but we're looking for a celebration of your love and commitment to each other. Celebrants are well practiced at this. They will craft the perfect ceremony based on their experience, a quick getting to know you meeting (virtually of course) and a good injection of humour.

So, you've got someone to lead it, what's next?

How do you share this mini celebration with your nearest and dearest, well if you've not used it yet prepare to get acquainted with Zoom, or if you'd prefer, a private Facebook page. The difference between the two is that with a Zoom ceremony you and your guests can interact with each other as well as with the celebrant. With a private Facebook page you can live stream just you and your celebrant doing your thing and then get your guests to watch at their leisure or post comments real time. Either way if you've not done this before I can talk you through the technical bits and do a test run with you.

What else?

How about some lovely extras? I can put you in touch with some fabulous suppliers who will provide you with additional decorations such as some lovely flowers; if you prefer fake to real flower, then these can be kept for your rescheduled date. You'll need to let your guests know you're rescheduling so I can organise some lovely Save the Date cards or Join us for our Virtual Wedding postables or graphics, whichever you prefer. We can get a photographer to capture this moment in history and create a collection of images of you saying your vows and the guests who 'attended'. Or maybe a videographer can take your Zoom recording and make it into a mini movie for you.

But no celebration is complete without a good quantity of food and drink. I work with some amazing suppliers who can bring meals and wine to your door, and not forgetting a lovely cake baked and decorated just for you. With just enough time and if you're in the right area, there are suppliers who can deliver more than just a take-away.

If your guests are not used to using technology I can take them through step by step how to join a Zoom appointment from a phone/tablet, laptop or even a desk top - whether their device has a camera or microphone or not they can still watch and listen to your almost wedding vows.

The packages

I'm putting together a range of ideas from the basic 'plug-and-go' to a fully co-ordinated affair, so if you're a bit clued up on Zoom and just need help sorting out some suppliers, I can do that. If you and your guests need a bit more hand holding and someone to keep order during the proceedings, I can do that too. Of course, you might just want to do a little intimate something yourselves in which case I wish you well and if you need anything I'm here for just in case.
Get in touch to find out about prices and services but please note that I currently only have suppliers available in Herts, Beds and MK area. Of course, I can help in many other ways too, with rescheduled weddings and with the newly engaged so whatever your situation, whatever you need…

Keep calm, stay in and keep on wedding planning X