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Pictures of a sun hat, sun lotion and a bottle of water, along with a picture of some hayfever provention products, and a final image of skin care products from Arbonne

Health & Wellbeing and Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is stressful, there's so much to do and to save for, it's no wonder it's one of the 5 most worrying things you can do in life. So, how do you go about looking after your health and wellbeing under the pressure of wanting to look your best on your wedding day? Read on for some top ways to tackle that.

Healthy Skin

We all know about drinking lots of water to help keep our skin hydrated, and that diet will help too, but what about your skin care regime? If you don't yet have one, it's worth considering this ahead of time. I've had eczema since birth and been through years of people telling me what I should use on my skin, most of which was utterly wrong to the point where I'd be suffering major outbreaks constantly. I say this so that you know I understand why when someone tells you they've found something that works you'll likely be super sceptical. You'll only know if something works for you by giving it a go, and I can tell you that my skin has been its best ever shape since I started using Arbonne products. Try to get tester pots and samples of products before you commit major funds to something, and like with hair dye, do a patch test before slathering it everywhere! In the meantime, three quick and easy free ways to improve your skin - 1) don't wear make-up every day 2) wash it off properly before bed 3) have a daytime skin routine and a night-time skin routine, and adapt to the seasons.

Healthy Mind

Without a doubt the number one factor in being entirely healthy is sleep. Even scientists aren't 100% sure why or how, but sleep or lack of, has more affect than just on your mood. It's easier said than done though when we've all got lots on our plate and planning a wedding doesn't help. For our brains to function properly it's believed we need 6-8 hours sleep a night so here are some of the things I do to try to assure the best possible nights sleep - 1) have a routine - for me it's phone off, read or write for a bit and then go through my list of 10 things I'm grateful for, you might prefer meditation. 2) no stimulants after 9pm - this time depends on your age but for me the earlier I stop having caffeinated/sweetened/alcoholic drinks, the better I sleep. 3) have notepads everywhere - if something is bugging me I write it down, otherwise it's guaranteed to wake me in the middle of the night. You might be amazed having and sticking to a routine will help you.

Healthy Body

I am definitely not a role model when it comes to things like diet and fitness; I like cakes and chocolate too much. But I understand that being physically fit is basically about trying to burn off more calories than you consume, especially if you want to lose weight. I'm not going to preach to you about how everyone should try to lose weight before their wedding because well some times that just isn't going to happen with all the added stress of planning a wedding on top of everything else that was already stressing you out. I Do advocate for being comfortable in your own skin, however large or small you believe you are. Our other half fell in love with us, wants to marry us and yes even make love to us just as we are right now, so that should tell you everything you need to know about how they think of you. IF, and only If you really want to give weight loss or gain a go in the lead up to your wedding, please do it sensibly and under some sort of supervision. Just know that the best weight loss only happens if you're prepared for a change in lifestyle over a prolonged period - short sudden loss will not be sustainable.

The most important tip I can give you about looking after your health and wellbeing while you plan your magnificent wedding, is to give yourself a break. Both in terms of taking literal breaks away from the wedding planning, but also in terms of Stop Being So Hard On Yourself! Wedding planning is hard, we get into this twisted logic that everything has to be 100% perfect from beginning to end. Well I'm here to tell you that even the most perfect plans can be derailed by something unexpected; everyone hits at least one bump in the road but that doesn't mean that everything else is a disaster. You can only do what you can, so don't beat yourself up over forgetting that one guest or to put out the wedding favours, or for fluffing your vows/speech. Most of the details only you will know and no-one but you will miss them. Take a breath, don't push yourself too hard and take breaks.

Look after yourself and take care x