Call me on 07801 328639 and let me help you find the pieces your wedding's missing
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Whether all you need is a couple of hours to get you started or full support from engagement to first dance, I've got a wedding planning package to suit you.
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Good morning, Vikki! Thank you for everything you have done and you made my day special. You made such an effort in organising and the overall night.Vendusa & Hashan

Vikki Richman Wedding PlannerCongratulations!

You've said yes! Now the wedding planning fun begins… and dreams can come true.

Your wedding plannerWhether you'd like ideas, inspiration or an injection of wedding planning know-how for your big day, you're in the right place. You'll be amazed at how flexible and affordable expert wedding planning support can be. With Your Wedding Friend on your side, it's fun too!

Your big day can include a bespoke mix of diy wedding elements and professional planning. If, like me, you love to craft, we can sprinkle some crafty magic too. Let's bring your wedding dreams to life!

Together, we do!

Working together to plan your big day ensures that every detail is in place. From choosing venues to music, co-ordinating suppliers and providing constant support, I'm here to ensure that everything happens just as it should - and when it should.

Best of all, I'm by your side throughout the planning of your wedding. I can help with negotiations, intimate details and even those difficult conversations with opinionated relatives!

Let's make the magic happen.

Whether you need more hours, helping hands or extra headspace, I have a planning package that's right for you. Best of all, I love to talk weddings, have a giggle and work hard to ensure you have the day of your dreams. Let's enjoy every step of the way.

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craft wedding accessoriesSo you've both said "yes". Congratulations! But now you don't know where to start wedding planning? Your Wedding Friend is here to help. Use this form and get Vikki's FREE wedding Planning Checklist! You can email Vikki at or call her on 07801 328639.

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