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Ceiling drapes, chair covers and sashes by Add A Little Sparkle at Eversholt village Hall

What in weddings have I been up to this summer?

This summer has been a huge one for me, full of learning curves, and I wanted to share with you some of the highlights and things I've picked up along the way. For up to date images of where I've been and what I've seen check out my Instagram and Pinterest pages (links below).

I haven't had as many weddings to work on this year, compared to last year when I was still based at a venue. What I HAVE been doing is offering advice to brides and grooms on a 1-2-1 basis. I've also been broadening my network of suppliers and helping some great wedding businesses with delivery of their services. The last one, I find, is a great way to really get to know them and what they offer, but also helps me to find out what kind of clients they work with. I find you never really know what a person is about until you work with them directly. Are they patient and kind, do they offer more than the obvious wedding service that they present, are they really as great at their job as you think? I'm so pleased to be able to have the opportunity to find out that yes they are all those things and they offer so much more than you might expect.

Wedding professionals are actually a team, you may not see how they work together to make your dream a reality, but behind the scenes they're beavering away on bringing your vision to life. The venue decorator who helps the venue sort the chairs and tables or comes up with a solution to a problem with the set up. The florist who used left over flowers to create a small additional display, or who supplied vases to keep the bouquets in, to help them stay fresh all day. I'm also still learning about what they think you the lovely customer, needs to know about their offer; what they think will help you to help them. I'll be using what I've learned on future blogs.

This summer had the most amazing weather for weddings, which was lovely if you're not wearing a heavy multi-layered beaded dress or tweed jacket and trousers! But the light, especially in the evenings, has been amazing and photographers have been taking full advantage. We've also seen a lot more outdoor wedding ceremonies this year. And for the first time I was able to work from my fabulous garden instead of a stuffy office and I'm so grateful for that. It's an inspiring place and many ideas came from my time out there, which you will see in small ways coming out over the next few months.

I've been to more wedding venues, met more amazing teams and made connections with more people than I ever anticipated but there's always room for a few more fabulous people just like you. Whether you're a couple just starting on your wedding journey, or a supplier to the wedding industry looking for support, I'm here for you. So here's to an equally inspiring Autumn and a beautiful winter. X