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Five Tips to Enjoying a Christmas Wedding to its Fullest

Photographers, like wedding planners, see so much more of a couple then any other wedding supplier. They're there from early in the morning getting ready to first dance and often beyond. So, it's only natural that they pick up a lot of top tips in a short space of time. With this blog, I turned to the fabulous G N Bri Photography for their thoughts and wisdom on planning Winter weddings and this is their top tips for enjoying a Christmas wedding to its fullest.

Tips and Images provided by GnBri Photography

There was a time when December weddings were uncommon, but nowadays they are becoming more and more popular, with couples choosing their favourite Holiday of the year over those hot summer dates.

We love seeing what our winter couples choose for their day, from décor to their cakes and even their wedding dresses and suits. They all have a little nod to the special day as well as winter, without overdoing the jolly feeling. Here are five tips to make the most of such a stunning time of year:

1) Warmth! Not what you think. Yes, it will definitely be cold outside, but why not warm up your guests with something a little fun, like mulled wine, as your welcome drink? Or maybe some sloe gin? Everyone loves a little tipple that warms their core and these drinks are so refreshing and fun.

2) Use the opportunity to go for one of the coveted high-necked dresses we all love at the moment, or accessorise your dress with a fur or shawl. We have seen some absolutely stunning long-sleeved dresses, and it gives you even more chance to have some beautiful embellishment. With so many famous people getting married with dresses that top this list, you will be the height of fashion, as well as super stunning.

3) Use the night to its fullest! Yes, most summer weddings have long hours of daylight and sunsets that are late enough to enjoy. Yes, your sunset will likely be the same time as your ceremony, or just after, but no need to fret! You can capture gorgeous creatives and lovely group photos in the dark. Your photographer should have a full lighting setup and be able to give you crisp and beautiful photos, of your whole day, without worry. NB We always have a full indoor setup, for your dancing images, as well as lights we take outside to do group photos and creatives. Why not use the extra night sky you have that others don't get to have their photographers there for, and have some sparkler, light art or fireworks photos?

4) Enjoy those décor options. Your planner, like the brilliant Vikki, will be able to guide you on the floral options and décor that are perfect for December. We love the deep reds and evergreen options that adorn a winter wedding. You can even add a touch of Christmas with baubles, a tree, present-wrapped favours or linens of a green or red.

5) Why not carry that forward to your food? This is the time of year where you can have spiced desserts, coffees of a cinnamon flavour, cheese cakes and hearty red decorations on your cake. Or, as one of our lovely couples had, why not have a platter of mince pies to go out with the teas and coffees to really get your guests in the holiday spirit.

Ultimately, your day should always be about you! Spice it up, with lots of Christmas joy and happiness, by adding little touches to spread the holiday cheer and to show a little part of the two of you. Take advantage of the dark, by having unique and fun photos, that those summertime weddings can't, and just enjoy!

Many thanks to Gareth and Bri for this blog and the gorgeous images.

If you want to see more of what this talented photography couple can do, head over to their website - see link below. Or check out their social media here Facebook and Instagram X