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Image shows 5 pictures of the venue from the outside - the car park with a sign for the venue, and a view of the river, also includes pictures of 2 of the barns showing the ceiling and fairy lights,

Venue View: Tewin Bury Farm Hotel

Hotel venues are always worth considering for your wedding. Firstly, they come fully equipped with everything you need for them. Secondly, you have lots of support from the on-site catering and event teams, who should be looking after you every step of the way. So what sets this hotel venue apart from the rest? Read on to find out...

Tewin Bury Farm Hotel has lots on offer - 4 main function rooms, a rural location, flexible menus and so much more. Located just outside of Welwyn Garden City, in Hertfordshire, you're not far from civilisation and amenities, so you have easy access to any last-minute things you might suddenly need. You've got the 17th century Tythe Barn and Stable, and the more modern but similarly styled Millstream Suite and Meadow Barn. Lots of wooden beams and high ceilings, except in the Millstream Suite.

They've been hosting weddings (and events) for over 20 years, so you know you're in experienced hands. And they can host both small weddings (40 guests in The Millstream Suite) and large events (500 guests in The Meadow Barn) at the same time! The four main function rooms are separated across the grounds and widely enough apart that you shouldn't be disturbed by each other, though it means that you can be sharing the car parks with other guests and there's the potential to lose guests if you don't give accurate details for which space you're booked into.

The barns are all well laid out and comfortable - you have air conditioning for hot days and heating for cold ones. Each barn has its own designated outdoor area, and yes, they can accommodate outdoor weddings if you're hoping for one. Each venue space has its own bar set up and other amenities, so you know you'll be well looked after.

The venue make it as easy as possible for your wedding planning by having packages that include lots of the usual things you need - chair covers and sashes, gorgeous lighting, flowers, but equally allow for some flexibility in case you need it. One of the fun features of the Tythe Barn and Stables in the minstrel's gallery/balcony from which your photographer can take some amazing shots of your ceremony and reception.

Menus are generous, varied and exquisite but they are equally open to the idea of external catering where appropriate. Canapes through sit down meals to barbeque, cover a lot of tastes, including dietary requirements, but for ethnic or specific regional cuisine you can enquire with their chefs or make your own arrangements, by agreement.

Couple of words of warning though. Because of the easy access between the venue spaces its highly advisable to ensure gifts/cards are placed into locked receptacles - staff cannot be available to keep an eye on your things and you may trust your own friends and family, but you have no idea who else will be on the grounds, feeling inquisitive. If you plan accordingly, you'll be fine.

The extras available at Tewin Bury are outstanding - LOVE letters, fire pit, sweet cart and the fairy light canopy are lovely but the option to include a car (Tesla, S Class Mercedes or Viano) is great. They also have an extensive list of preferred suppliers, which you'd expect from a venue with as much track history as they have. They will be sure to be able to supply you with some amazing contacts for all your wedding needs.

If you're looking for everything in one place but aren't especially worried about exclusivity, then this is the venue for you. Bedrooms are limited but with 44 available, accommodating couples through to families, you should be able to accommodate most of your out of town guests. And there are a couple of fantastic options for the two of you. Take a closer look at this venue by following the venue link below X