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Images of giant white LOVE letters, a warm light white backdrop with wisteria draped from the top, a giant wicker heart attached to a white wall with 2 small bunches of flowers tied on with ribbon - one at the top point of the heart and the other part way

Planning Your Wedding Venue Decor

In terms of wedding related stuff that needs to be organised 'Venue Décor' covers a lot of bases: flowers, backdrops, signage, chair covers, table centres, and more. The list can seem endless. Your first question to yourself should always be 'Do I Really Need This?' If the answer is yet to be decided, then read on.

What does your venue provide?

Nothing? Everything? It doesn't need anything added to it? Whatever your venue offers will give you a clue as to how much you'll need to do. If your venue is already beautiful and you love all the spaces just as they are, you might not want to change or add too much to it.
Some venues include lots of added extras in your wedding venue hire package, this can include chair covers and swags, backdrops and even floral decorations. It's always best to check what is included in your contract Before you go looking for your own suppliers.

Conversely there are some venues whose offer is very basic. You get the room and some tables and chairs, everything else is up to you. Obviously, this potentially means a lot more work for you but then you get the choice of what and who you use to create the décor of your dreams, including doing it yourself.

What do you think it needs?

Is there an area of a room that could use covering up with a screen or drape? Are their chairs a bit ropey or not in a style to your liking? Would it really impact your wedding if you didn't do something about it? The easiesr you can make this on yourself, the better in my book. But make a list of priorities - ie figure out what you absolutely cannot do without and make that happen first. This will help you with your budget planning and avoid waste.

Quick budget tip - chair cover hire is usually much cheaper than chair hire; beware of delivery costs.

What, if anything, do you Want to do yourself?

Deciding what to DIY early on will help you with those priorities. If there's a craft you'd obviously want to do yourself, make sure you budget enough time and money to do it right. If you have a really specific colour scheme in mind and know that none of the suppliers are coming up trumps with what you need, get on top of that right away. The most difficult things should always be tackled (or at least started) as early as possible. Once you have a plan and an idea of time and budget, you can figure out if those wedding décor extras are going to add what they need to.

What Could you do yourself?

Maybe you're reading this and thinking 'I have no idea where to start', but there are loads of things you could do, that might also help you save some pennies. I've mentioned some usual décor ideas above but what about things you could make yourself? It really doesn't take a genius to print, cut out and stick table numbers onto card, or stick guest seating plans to a large frame. Even if you don't have a printer at home you probably still have access to a basic Word app on your phone, to create the text and a high street printer can print them out for you very cheaply. And coloured card is widely available, especially in kids art suppliers. Use a large mirror or picture frame of some sort from home and jobs a goodun, and for probably less than £5!

Who can you turn to, to do things for you?

Who do you know in your network of friends and family who can help you with some part of your venue décor (ie to sew bunting or make table swags)? Start with them, and if they can't help here are a few local (Herts, Beds, Bucks) suppliers who offer a variety of awesome stock with an amazing service:

Rustic light up LOVE letters, draping (to very high ceiling height), table centres and chair coverings of all sorts are available from Add A Little Sparkle.
Wooden signage of all kinds, a rustic doughnut wall and bespoke wooden creations are all made by Samsa May's.
If you're looking to create a comfy Morrocan themed seating area or rustic wooden crate display (among so many other ideas) then speak to White Emporium

Whether you plan to DIY or need to find the right suppliers I can help you achieve your Wedding Venue Decor dreams X