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Pictures include a chocolate sauce drizzled tiramisu, a white chocolate swirl covered 2 tier wedding cake, a top table set up with purple elements to reflect the Cadburys chocolate theme and a selection of favour holding ideas (a patterned paper cone, a b

Planning a chocolatey themed wedding

If you know me at all you'll know that I love chocolate. Who doesn't, right? Actually, I know a couple of people who don't, but anyway, what if you wanted to plan the ultimate chocoholics themed wedding? Where would you start? I have some ideas for you...

Let's start with the obvious

Wedding favours are an easy fit with your chocolatey theme. You can easily pick up bulk quantities of your favourite chocolatey snack; eg M&M's, Lindors, mini Mars bars, etc are all available to order on-line. And the choice of how you display them is huge - card boxes or paper cones that you can decorate yourself, or readymade of course. But how about offering something a little different like personalised chocolate pizza slice favours from Gourmet Chocolate Pizza - if you've not come across them (or only seen the high street version) you need to check out these guys, they're amazing!

Another obvious choccy element - CAKE!

The cake is a no brainer, however which version do you go for: chocolate orange, mint choc, white chocolate and raspberry? And how do you decorate it - chocolate swirls, ganache, or just hide it all under fondant? Most cake makers will offer a variety of flavours and finishes that can match your wedding theme so put them to the test. Some flavours are fairly standard (a decent plain chocolate cake is an art in itself) but other flavours might need a bit of time for experimenting, after all you don't want a toothpaste flavoured cake - always book a tasting session with them and if you want a particular flavour option, tell them plenty in advance of your meeting.

Speaking of theme, let's look at d├ęcor

Purple is a popular choice of wedding colour and often used for chair sashes, but how about a Cadbury purple colour to fit with a Cadbury's theme? Or trees for Rowntrees, which you could tie sweets to as table centres or to decorate your ceremony room, it'll give a hint of the chocolatey goodness you have in store for later. Depending on your budget you could go all out on a chocolate bouquet table centre from Raven Barr, pretty and tasty too and your table centre doubles as your favours. If you really want to go all out, it'd be hard to beat a chocolate sculpture by Choc Bods - a stunning centrepiece and edible but I don't know how you'd bring yourself to eat it!

More food

Your wedding breakfast doesn't just have to be a boring old chocolate free offering either, with the right chef who can help you channel the ultimate Aztec menu, you could have more than just a chocolate dessert. I'd have to include a tasty chocolate sauce for the meat (yes that's a thing) and a Tiramisu for dessert. Of course, no chocolate themed wedding would be complete without a chocolate fountain, just make sure your supplier uses the right mix of a decent chocolate and not one of the dodgy cheap substitutes. Or you could replace the 'candy' cart with a hot chocolate station, smores or chocolate shop offering.

Couple of words of warning

Obviously chocolatey goodness in any form needs a bit of looking after, don't forget it'll just melt in your pocket, so make sure you're storing anything edible in a cool room (away from strong odours) before putting it out on display. And definitely keep it out of direct sunlight. You don't want a melty mess rather than gorgeous chocolatey yumminess!
For more suggestions on how to add to your chocolate themed wedding, get in touch today.

Right I'm off to find and eat the largest possible bar of chocolate X