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Pictures of the venue including the pagoda, and lodge in the grounds, as well as the front of the hotel. Also a picture of the main function room with hints of purple chiffon chair sashes,

Venue View: Needham House Hotel, Hitchin, Herts.

Wedding venues come in all shapes and sizes, styles and sophistication. Whatever your heart desires is possible, depending on your budget and willingness to travel. For some couples it's important to have everything in one place. For others it's about finding a unique space with quirky features. This week I thought we'd look at a lovely hotel venue just outside of Hitchin in Hertfordshire, Needham House Hotel.

This hotel has been through a bit of an update recently and their marquee has been well received by visitors. They now offer outdoor ceremonies, which are set up using their cute pagoda. They have multiple spaces available for weddings and events from 2 - 400 people, including the fab marquee. The hotel rooms are high quality, super stylish and will make you and your guests feel completely relaxed. For a more intimate stay you could opt for the private lodge in the grounds, perfect for newlyweds.

The main function suite is ideal for medium sized wedding parties up to 200 people, but there are also options for smaller groups up to 50 people, which is great and it's not dependent on using the same space, it's a completely separate room! The marquee is the maximum capacity venue at this hotel and accommodates up to the 400 guests mentioned above. Civil ceremonies can be held inside or outdoors (weather permitting), with a wide choice of rooms too so again smaller and larger ceremonies can be accommodated.

Most rooms have good natural daylight, however the bigger suite has limited windows. This isn't necessarily a problem as it means you won't get blinded or boiled like you can be in conservatory style venue spaces. Also, by the time of your evening reception it really won't be important. They aren't over decorated but make a great blank canvas to your wedding styling, including the marquee, so you can fully dress it or just add details, whatever you choose should work well here. I would just keep an eye on heights as none of the ceilings are especially high, but as long as you're not trying to fit stilt-walkers or an indoor bouncy castle into the mix, you should be fine.

The marquee is a great edition and stylishly set up as you would expect from this venue. Bright, spacious and conveniently located. With access to the grounds so you could set up garden games, just for fun! I've only eaten breakfast at this venue but as a hotel venue you do of course get the chance to try out the food discreetly if you want to by booking a table in the restaurant.

Located between the A1M and Hitchin in a convenient countryside environment, you get the best of both worlds; the peace of the rural location but not too far from civilisation for all the last-minute necessities.

AND they have an open day coming up soon, head to their website for details and sign up for a goody bag. X