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The image is of the event page flyer it includes the picture of a white covered chair with a pale yellow satin bow tied to it and a fancy cake made with the bottom tier of the cake made to look like a boater with a blue sofa and a tv on top, the next tier

Why The DIY Wedding Fair Part 3 - The Final Countdown

You know that the way to get the best from wedding fairs is about being prepared, right? Even if that is just giving yourself time to think about what you what to pick up from attending. In the last general blog about The DIY Wedding Fair before the actual event, let's look at what makes this different to your average wedding fair.

It's interactive

Yep, with this event I wanted visitors to be able to get hands-on. It's one thing to look at pretty things and think 'I could do that' but it's a whole other thing when you get the opportunity to have a go at it, under the careful gaze of a professional who can offer advice and tips on what you're looking to achieve.

Some of our suppliers will be setting you a challenge to have a go at things like venue d├ęcor and cake decoration. You'll still be able to chat to them about your wedding plans but in a low-pressure fun way. No pushy salesy chat!

It'll be fun

From trying out the photobooth to trying your luck on the roulette wheel, you might even get the chance for a little pamper. Our challenges are designed to give you a giggle, maybe even compete against your other half or support over who can do the best job. There may even been prizes to be won, so well worth giving it a go.

Real advice

The talks and demonstrations from our professionals will offer you top tips, practical advice and lots of ideas that you can take away and use on your wedding. It's advice you can trust from people who work hard on their craft and service. You can ask them questions and if they can't give you all the answers on the day. I'm sure they'd be happy to meet with you after the event to look at ways to get you what you need.

I love working with suppliers who are there for all your needs, who will help you even if you can't directly use their service. Those suppliers who are all about your successful wedding and less about how much money they can get from you. The suppliers who offer you advice or direction on areas that aren't even part of what they do but they know the people who can help you. Those are my people and they can be yours too.

Join us Sunday 13th October 2019 11am - 3pm for The first DIY Wedding Fair in Bedfordshire X