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A selection of pictures show the details of this wedding including a picture of their beautiful travel themed wedding cake table and table centres with tiny globes and stamps from around the world, it also shows their wedding breakfast room which includes

Real Wedding Blog: M & D

Introducing a new theme to the blogs, all about real weddings I have helped plan.
When you gel with a couple right away you just know that you're all going to enjoy the wedding planning process. In business terms they become your Ideal Customer, and everything seems so easy - even the bits that aren't entirely plain sailing. Working with M & D was one of those times. Here's how it went one sunny July a couple of years back.

M & D were the happiest, smiliest couple I'd met to talk to about their wedding plans. Many couples are really nervous, understandably as they don't necessarily know what we're going to be doing and it's an exciting time and can be overwhelming. Nothing was overwhelming to this couple. It certainly wasn't that they didn't care about their wedding it was that they knew they needed help in certain areas, but they equally knew that some things were not worth stressing about.

From our first meeting, it was clear that they knew exactly what they wanted in terms of theme and entertainment, and they were happy with what I was offering them in terms of venue. We worked together on the menu; not being carnivores they needed me to taste test certain parts of their proposed menu to ensure that it would please their guests. One of the perks of this particular job!

We worked together on which suppliers to bring in for their décor, those bits that they wouldn't be creating and supplying themselves. And they had a cunning plan, a little something that they wanted to surprise their guests with. Up until this time I'd not come across the idea of having singing waiters or other entertainment that happens during or just after the wedding breakfast, other than the traditional speeches or a magician. The couple opted for what would turn out to be the amazing Beats On The Day (see link below).

Keeping secrets from guests has become a bit of a thing for me and this was going to be fun. Having meetings nearer the wedding day, you often find more people tagging along, so the key is to have a kind of code so that you all know what you're talking about without letting the cat out of the bag. This particular entertainment comes with a lot of bits and pieces, so we needed to get everything near to the reception room without him or it being spotted by guests - no small feat when the reception room has a massive windowed doorway.

The other surprise that day was the best mans speech, which was hilarious with tonnes of visual props including a freestanding loo roll holder and a roll of toilet paper on which he'd written his speech (I think you can guess the level of humour from that). Very funny. And it didn't stop at the end of his speech.

The whole day was a fantastic affair with buckets of love, awesome music from the grooms band, lots of personal touches, and huge amounts of fun. X