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the picture shows a yellow satin chair bow tied to a chair with a white stretch cover, a wedding cake that is made to look like the couple sitting in their living room and, a table set up with a white cloth and wooden block LOVE letters,

Why the 'DIY' Wedding Fair?

There's a lot of choice out there for discerning couples so isn't a wedding fair just a wedding fair and why would anyone want to come to a 'diy' one? Short version: I want to mix things up a bit. No suppliers sitting behind tables waiting for people to come and say hi. No hard-salesy pitching about how great they are, which they are, but you need to see them in action. So, let's look at those whys in more detail…

1. If you're planning a handmade wedding, you need the right tools for the job and this fair is all about providing you with those tools.

Real practical advice and guidance from industry experts.

2. Talk is cheap. How do you see what a supplier can really do? You watch them in action. They show you how they do it with quick demos and talking you through the steps.

This fair will be full of them.

3. How do you learn a new skill quickly? Watching a You Tube clip will only get you so far. By having a go under the guidance of someone who has been doing it for years, you're more likely to pick up that skill more easily.

Have a hands-on go at something.

4. How do you work out if you're being ripped off by a supplier? By speaking to them about what they actually do on top of what you see on-the-day.

It's never great having that conversation by email and you can listen to recommendations but a face-to-face chat with a real person is fair more reassuring.

5. By getting the right advice from the start you're less likely to make mistakes and more likely to achieve success.

It will also help you save money.

6. Because if you want control over certain parts of your wedding you probably want to do it yourself and do it right.

Setting you off on the right footing.

7. One of the biggest mistakes we crafters make with a project is about what we don't know: if no-one has told you how to securely stack a wedding cake and why, how would you know what to do?

It's reasurring to get expert advice with no pressure to buy from them.

8. We also want to look after your health and wellbeing so you can relax and enjoy the wedding planning process.

Have a mini pamper, you deserve it.

Come and take a look, it's free to enter.

With wedding fairs, you need the right suppliers, with the best attitudes, and a fab mix of interactive versus traditional static displays. The DIY Wedding Fair was borne out of the traditional fair but with an element of hands-on practical advice and support for the DIY/handcrafting couple.
Our suppliers will be offering real hands-on tips about all aspects of planning your own wedding, they'll show you how to do it so that you can do it right. If you're loving planning your hand-made wedding and just want a little bit of advice from the experts, then this will be the place for you.

The DIY Wedding Fair is Sunday 13th October 11am - 3pm at Venue 360 in Luton, Beds. PLUS one lucky couple will win a goodie bag worth over £200 X