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Two pictures; one shows a bride being tied into her lace back wedding dress and the other being crochet hooked into her wedding dress, below the images is the YOur Wedding Friend logo and the title of the blog

5 reasons why you need to practice putting on your wedding dress

It is with great pleasure that I introduce my first ever Guest Blog, written by the fantastic Helen and Noel of HN Photography, a husband and wife team of photographers with a great eye for detail, and enthusiasm for getting the best out of your wedding. See enclosed some of their beautiful images. Why would photographers have ideas for your wedding dress plans? Because they're usually there as you get ready and they pick up a lot of tips and tricks with experience. And these tips are great.

The day of your wedding dawns and everything is perfect and running like clockwork. Hair and make-up are exactly how you imagined and now you are ready for your dress which has been steamed to remove any creases and is hanging waiting for you to put on.
You slip into it with your bridesmaids help, now they just need to get everything done up and you are ready to go, but you have never practised this.

It's a dress, you wear them regularly, what could possibly go wrong ?

1. Tiny, fiddly little buttons, and with their beautiful manicured nails your bridesmaids are finding it impossible to get them done up.
The solution.....a crochet hook. Makes life so much easier, no need to spend hours fighting with the buttons.

2. The zip is really stiff and try as they might, they just cannot get it to budge and don't want to force it for fear of breaking the zip or damaging the dress.
The solution......a white wax candle. Rub this up and down the zip a few times to ease the movement.

3. Lacing up the back takes time and accuracy. If you have not practised this in advance it can eat away way too much time.
The solution.....decide in advance who you want to lace up your dress and how.

4. How does the lace over jacket attach to the dress ? Some dresses have little bolero jackets, others have a lace addition which attaches to the dress at set points which can take time to locate.
The solution......check this out in advance and make sure whoever is helping you to dress knows where the attachment points are.

5. Bustling the dress for the first dance. This can again be tricky and time consuming especially when all you want to do is get on that dance floor with your new husband, but rush it and it can come loose half-way through making your first dance less than the wonderful experience you dreamed of when your husband steps on your loose train.
The solution.......practise this in advance, so your helper knows exactly how the dress bustles. A good idea is to have them with you at a dress fitting so the shop assistant/dress-maker can show them exactly how it works.

Huge Thanks to Helen and Noel for sharing their top tips and letting us know why you should practice putting on your dress.

If you want to see more of their fabulous tips and photography head over to their website (see link below) X