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Make Sure You Do These Things For Your Wedding

Without a doubt wedding planning can be hard and it can feel like there are a million and one things to do. There are a few things that you cannot, should not, avoid doing and here some of them.

Meet your wedding suppliers in person!

Can they meet you at your/a venue they are working at or do they have a shop? Most bakers will want to do tastings with you, florists will want to match your colours. Will your venue invite you in to see the space/s set up? Is your DJ a regular at a venue and can you pop in for a listen? Does your photographer offer an engagement shoot within their fee? Take these opportunities to get to know them, it'll help you all in the long run.

Try the food

Unless you know your venue really well or have eaten with them before, you should definitely try your chosen food before the wedding day, you don't want to be disappointed. Most venues and caterers will understand and allow you to do a tasting, though they may charge a fee for this.

Take out wedding insurance

Hopefully you'll never need it but better safe than sorry! Wedding Insurance will cover you for things like suppliers letting you down, sudden cancellations, and disasters. The bigger the wedding the more important this is, as the more moving parts to the day, the more possibilities for problems. Even simple weddings can be hit by problems though so don't think that just because you only have 45 guests that things can't go wrong.

Set a wedding budget

Without one the temptation to overspend is HUGE. If you know what you have to play with you can figure out what you need to save, what to buy right away and plan for what you need available in the final lead up to the big day. Keep track to keep on track.

Have the difficult conversations

Don't put off the tricky chats, whether you think they might result in someone getting upset or if you're not certain everyone will agree, it's better to get things out in the air and attempt to resolve them before it's too late. The key is how you handle them - temper tantrums help no-one, but a calm setting of boundaries will.

Don't be a bride/groom 'zilla'

It's fine to want things to be perfect but expecting everyone and everything to adhere to some ridiculously strict interpretation of your wedding dream is taking selfish to a whole other level. You cannot dictate what your guests wear. You cannot tell them how much to spend on your wedding. etc. And please, if someone hasn't lost the weight you expected/got pregnant/split up with their partner, please do not shame them and embarass yourself.

All the legal stuff

Make sure licenses are in place for your ceremony to be legal and that the announcements are done. Get pre-nups sorted especially if you have kids from a previous relationship, and make sure you update your wills after. Passports, name changes, etc all take time after you're legally married, so see what can or needs to be done before.

Be prepared

Accept that you cannot control things like the weather, but you can control your reaction to it (get in the brollies). You can have a plan b for emergencies. If you get the opportunity for rehearsals or a quick walk through of your big day, go for it, you may be surprised at what you learn.

And if you need any help with any aspect of your big day, you know where to find me. X