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Top tips for staying wedding day fit

On your wedding day there's so much going on it's easy to forget to take a drink of water or even to eat something, it's so important that you take the time to look after yourselves, no-one wants to faint from exhaustion or dehydration on their wedding day. So here are some top tips for staying in tip top condition on the big day.

First up, getting ready.

It's early, your gang are all with you and the first bottle of fizz is popped. You can't eat because you're so hyped up on excitement, but this is exactly when you need to start preparing your stomach. Whether you usually skip breakfast or gobble down a bowl of cereal or some toast, you'll need to line your stomach today. Can't face food? try a nutritious shake, nibble on some croissants or fruit. It's going to be a long day, so you need something.

Before and during the ceremony.

If you have a car ride to your venue, skip the booze, take a bottle of water (sports bottles work well with make-up and you can get mini ones) and have sips not gulps as you don't want to be dashing to the loo when you get there! If you're meeting with the registrar before your ceremony, make sure the room has some water on standby and the same in the ceremony room, the venue should provide this. This is the time when you're going to dry up unexpectedly, again it's all part of your body's reaction to stress and excitement and totally normal.

After the ceremony.

You'll likely relax somewhat at this point so bring on the booze if you want, but again pace yourself, it's a long day. As you go off to take photos make sure someone has some more water ready for you if you need it (there are other things this designated hero should also have but we'll come to that another time). It's also the ideal time to show your guests that you've thought of their comfort too by laying on post ceremony drinks (a mix of alcohol and non-alcoholic works best) and maybe even some snacks/canapes. This is especially appreciated on hot days when a jug or two of water will really help to keep guests happy.

During the wedding breakfast.

This may be the first solid food you've had all day and by 3pm you will need it as the adrenalin fatigue starts to set in. Make sure you take a good amount of time to sit and eat, use it to be together, remember there will be lots of distractions and demands on your attention but you need to eat too. Sit-down meals are great for this as it creates a distraction for your guests. Just remember to top up the fluids. As a planner I often find myself at this point watching what you are eating and making sure serving staff don't nick your plates until you are really done.

The evening reception.

This is full on time with your guests but create or make the most of the lull between the afternoon and evening, go off for a bit of alone time even just for 20 minutes. Your photographer might want to do some extra shots just with the two of you, you'll love this time away so grab a couple of drinks maybe some nibbles and enjoy the peace before the party starts.

During the evening make sure you have a soft drink or water between the boozy stuff. Again, this is all about keeping you going. The whole day goes so quickly but this part especially so: first dance, cake cutting, bouquet throwing, buffet served and before you know it it's the last dance of the night. Make sure if you don't sit down to eat something, that a plate of food is saved for your night cap.

And don't be surprised if you're utterly exhausted at the end of it. You've been running on adrenalin all day, your blood sugar level has likely been all over the place, your body tells you when it's had enough. Remember this is totally normal but listen to it, eat and hydrate as regularly as you can manage.

Remember these top tips for staying wedding day fit:

Make sure you have regular drinks of water, or soft drinks between the booze. And in case you don't get time to eat, ask one of your team to make you up a plate of food that can be wrapped up and taken with you if necessary. X