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What I do as a Wedding Planner

Many couples think they don't need or maybe don't know what a wedding planner can do for their wedding, so I thought I'd run through some of the basics that I work on with each of my customers. This isn't a full detailed list of everything but should give you a good idea of what occurs. Short version, if there's something you don't want to do for your wedding, I will.

Calming nerves

From the first contact my role is all about calming nerves and identifying what my couple wants. Some come to me when a crisis occurs, others know that they need a bit of support to get through everything. The first contact is fact finding on both sides. It's working out what has already been done and what the main area of concern is.

Tackling to-do lists

For some couples it's about divide and conquer; they take one set of priorities and I take the rest or I take the whole list and make the gorgeousness happen. Usually the former, as most couple have a handle on the big bits of their wedding. Sometimes however some couples miss important aspects of how their wedding day will come together, this is why I like to get an overview of the whole plan, even the bits I'm not looking after. This is how I ensure that all parts of the day are compatibly tied together.

Finding and contracting suppliers

There is nothing like a real recommendation for a supplier and I know a lot of them. And those I don't know; I know what questions to ask in order to get the best possible response. I can double check contracts and look for the bits you might overlook (such as riders for bands or musicians and even photographers). If you think a supplier is ripping you off, I can check their terms and compare with industry standard.

Bringing all the details together

I create a timeline for getting everything done and confirmed and make the necessary arrangements for delivery and set up. We create the schedule for the day, and I make sure everything and everyone is where they need to be at the time it needs to be there. Having an overview means I can work on wriggle room and areas of least give. If a venue only allows access at a specific time, I can work with your suppliers to ensure that they make the necessary arrangements in advance.

On the day

This is when everything comes together. From early in the morning or last thing the day before, I make sure everything is where it needs to be. I oversee the set-up, and where necessary I help with the practical details. If you've got a box of bits and pieces that you want made into 12 table centres, wedding favours to put out, I can make that happen.

On the day a big part of the focus is again on calming nerves, ensuring that my couples are having the best possible time and the most relaxed they can be. Sorting out trains and outfits, cutting labels off brand new suits. I will do all the beavering about and dealing with any issues before they become a problem. Wrangling families and dealing with runaway kids, to chasing catering staff, and again, making sure everything is where it's supposed to be when it's supposed to be there.

I keep an eye on everything. Making sure anything that needs moving is done so safely and on time. I'll cut the cake if needed. If staff aren't collecting glasses or plates in a timely fashion, I'll chase them. Need help collecting up gifts and decorative items that need safe keeping or packing away, I'll do that too.

My passion for making sure your wedding happens the way you want it to and being the eyes and ears of your big day, means you get to relax and focus just on having a fantastic time. My experience means I know the ways to approach suppliers and venues. My knowledge means I can handle most situations with due care and attention. If you can think about any part of your wedding planning or wedding day that you'd love someone else to take charge of, that's what I do. And I love doing it. X