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Top tips on preparing for and surviving hayfever on your wedding day

So, we're well into wedding season and with it comes hayfever season. If you're a hayfever sufferer you may be wondering how to get through your big day without bloodshot eyes and a snotty nose, never attractive at the best of times, but definitely not how you want to be seen on your wedding day. As a fellow sufferer, I'm here to tell you there are things you can do to prepare and prevent the worst outbreak.

First up, what is your normal routine?

How bad do you usually get, is there a particular time of the year that you absolutely want to avoid? If you're at your worst in August when the fields are being ploughed, you really don't want to be outside for your wedding. A nice air-conditioned room (preferably with a filter/purifier) would be much better for you. If the summer as a whole is a no-no for you then listen to your body and look for dates avoiding the worst of the pollen season or a venue that will make it not a problem!

Know your triggers

If you know what it is that you're most allergic to, you can avoid being around them when they're at their worst. If you're anything like me, you'll know that it's worse at certain times of the day; early morning and late evening for me, because it's when the temperatures change the most and the pollens and allergens are at their most volatile. People often think that a nice summer breeze will help when often the opposite it true, because all that pollen or pollutant gets picked up and blown about!

Get organised

Have a word with your doctor and see if you can get some super strength supplies but get enough so that you can trial run them in advance - NB some of the super strength stuff knocks you out and that wouldn't work out well on your wedding day. Stock up on antihistamines, tissues, eye drops and nasal spray. Get someone you trust to have your full day supply on them at all times - this is why we have an entourage, ushers and the like. Ladies, consider having your make-up artist back to top you up part way through the day if you think you're likely to need it, or have a make up kit to hand for just in case.

'Bee' prepared

If you're not a fan of the medication, you can try herbal and old-fashioned remedies. I highly recommend getting in some local honey. Much like a Bach remedy, the idea is that you're ingesting tiny quantities of allergens and therefore building up a resistance. It has certainly helped me over the years. Others suggest things like eating more garlic and ginger, taking fish oil supplements, and homeopathic remedies. Maybe avoid the garlic the day before the wedding but the others are worth a try.

Consider faking it

If flowers are your main allergen, think about going for varieties that have less pollen or ditching the real thing and opting for fantastic fakes. There are super realistic silk flowers available now and some florists work with both real and fake to bring you the best of both. Of course if you're going for fake you could ditch flowers entirely and chose a brooch bouquet or felt/paper or something really avante garde - my alternative bouquet board on Pinterest has some amazing ideas, and I can find you the best supplier in your area or who deliver, just bear in mind that a bespoke hand-made bouquet takes a lot longer to make than a regular flower one so allow extra ordering time.

Most of all

Start thinking about this in advance. If you know you can't avoid holding your wedding in peak hayfever season, then take the time in the lead up to your wedding to try everything and plan accordingly. Trying to sort something out at the last minute when you suddenly realise you're going to be suffering is not going to work and could potentially ruin your wedding day.

Work with your suppliers to come up with the best solutions for you - I mentioned talking to your florist about silk arrangements but think about other allergens that might set you off and who might be able to come up with alternatives. Speak to you photographer/videographer and make them aware of why you don't want to be outside doing photographs especially at peak pollen times in mid-summer.

Plan your wedding in a way that will make your life easier, so you can relax and enjoy your big day. Good luck X