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Have you got your honeymoon planned yet?

With all the wedding planning and spending going on it can be hard to think about saving up for a honeymoon at the same time. But did you know that there are travel agents out there who can help you craft the perfect honeymoon AND create a honeymoon money pot for guests' donations. With this blog post I'll be looking at what's available and who to go to for the best advice.

High street travel agents

Without a doubt, high street holiday agents have their place, they can advise you on the best trips to the usual destinations, often with the usual top 5 holiday companies. If you want a simple last-minute trip to the sun, then why not stick with your high street. They've got the offers in the window and the beautiful brochures on the racks and package deals right there waiting for you. They may even be able to help personalise your holiday with day trips all planned and booked in advance. Neat tidy and ready made, so very little fuss in the planning.

But what about internet offers?

For sure, you've got the likes of Trivago, Air BnB and Expedia, and you can check out Trip Advisor for reviews and discounts, but the onus is on you to do most of the research and checking details, remembering everything including making the transfer arrangements, etc. And if you've ever tried to book a hotel stay on-line, you'll know some of the tactics they use to get you to pay quickly and potentially over the odds. Booking a hotel directly isn't necessarily easy either. But if you're after a good deal and have the time to trawl through all teh websites then go for it. Personally, I prefer to have someone else do the heavy lifting...

Is there a better way?

I believe there is. Independent travel agents, especially ones that specialise in you preferred area, are going to be able to give you first-hand knowledge of the area you want to travel in and make recommendations based on their experience. The fabulous James at Buddha Travel specialises in South Asian destinations, including India, The Maldives and The Seychelles. And has extensive knowledge of the area.
Also, independent travel agents aren't tied to any particular travel providers so they can offer much more bespoke travel options - such as flying at a time that suits you rather than just the time that TUI fly to that location. I highly recommend speaking to Sharon at The Travel Counsellors for excellent holiday planning as she can get really specific with your details, such as making sure you get the best room possible for your budget.

Is there more?

Yes, there is. Independent travel agents have the flexibility to take payments from you flexibly and they can do things like accept payments from other family members. Some of them can even set up a honeymoon fund for you, where family can pay for fun extras, upgrades, excursions, etc. Paul at The Personal Travel Agents has set up the Honeyfund for just this purpose.

What if you don't want to travel abroad?

There are some amazing options and things you can do in this country too. Like hire a VW camper van and travel the wilder parts of Scotland in your own little bubble of newlywed bliss, with Kippford Classic Car Hire. Or you could yurt it up in the grounds of a fabulous house/castle. IF a city break is more your thing the UK has some stunning cities, well worth visiting. Again, an independent travel agent can take all the pain out of this by planning it for you.

NB no you won't automatically get upgrades everywhere for being on your honeymoon but it doesn't hurt to mention it.

Whatever you think you might like to do for your honeymoon, you'll need to start planning it almost as soon as you start planning your wedding, even if you're planning on going some time later after the wedding. Especially for peak travel periods (ie school holidays) and the best time of the year to travel (some areas should be avoided in peak summer or winter!). Plus, it's nice to have something post wedding to look forward to, other than the first time you're introduced as husband or wife, and your first wedding anniversary. Happy Honeymoon Planning X