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Embracing Tech for your wedding

Weddings are a lot more complicated than they used to be, there are a lot of moving parts (including people!) and things that need to be done and shared. But there are some amazing businesses out there trying to make a difference and make your life easier. By embracing tech into your wedding rather than rejecting it you could be an innovator as well as more relaxed.

Web invites

Stationery is lovely and makes a great keepsake but how about sending all the attachments (maps, gift list, accommodation, meal options) on a single piece of card that links to your own wedding planning website. From the website you can track RSVP's as well as monitor general requests for information. Ditch the spreadsheet and let digital do the work. A show card from Generation Pop will enable you to send a simple digital website link to anyone with a smart phone using NFC technology and is so thin you won't have to stump up for 'large' postage.

Virtual Wedding videos

If you really want to relive your wedding day you'll not find anything better than a fully submersive 360 video from vows to first dance. The discrete camera is with you the whole day and shows your wedding from your point of view plus you can look at your guests reactions from behind. It really is like being there again. You can hear guests talking, look up at the ceiling decorations, down to the floor, all around the room. The amazing headsets really can transport you back to your big day, and they're yours to keep, so if you've got a nan in hospital unable to make it on the day, she'll feel like she was there when you show it back.

Stitcht video guest book

Get your guests to upload the footage they shoot of your wedding to an app that you can use to create a wedding film from the perspective of your guests. Ask them to create a video message, get them to upload it by sharing the link and hey presto you have a fun video 'of your guests by your guests', probably showing you bits of your wedding that you didn't see. The app is currently only available on iPhone but once you've set up your account, video can be sent in from any device.

#'s / private groups / sharing images

Another great way to get your guests to share their images can be done privately or publicly, depending on your preference, through various apps. Setting up a WhatsApp or Facebook group and inviting your guests to join it, with the settings on Private or Secret, means only you and your guests will get to see them, and the images are easy enough to download from there. On the night sharing is obviously dependant on the wifi/4g access in your venue but for areas with limited internet access you might get more considered posting the next day, so possibly no bad thing. #'ing will only work on public forums. Either way, let your guests know what you'd prefer: if you don't want guests sharing things publicly, tell them.

Streaming live footage

Again you can set up a private Facebook page, where you (or someone you designate) can live stream parts of your day to those guests who are unable to make it to your wedding eg a relative on the other side of the world. Your videographer may also be able to help you with this, even if you're getting married on a beach somewhere (wifi dependant). Share the links with your suppliers so they can share their first glimpses on your group; DJ's especially love to share a quick glimpse of what's happening on the dance floor (just remember they're not there to be your videographer!).

What about 'unplugged' weddings?

It's more common now to hear about 'unplugged' weddings, where phones/cameras are basically banned, which is fine and certainly works if you want to avoid all your formal photos including people holding their phones out but perhaps include a couple of announcements in your ceremony or reception where you let everyone know 'phones out for photos', that way you get the best out of your professional shots and your guests get the pictures they want of you and your big day. One little idea from me about including tech that everyone has in their pocket is, how about doing a night time photo with everyone holding up their phones in torch mode, maybe get everyone gathered around in a heart shape or concert style.

Whatever you decide to do for your wedding, you can be a follower or an innovator and both are fine but make sure you make it clear to your guests what you want them to do. New tech only works (especially on us older generations) if the instructions are simple and clear. Have fun with it and if you want to know more about some of the tech that's available now take a look at the links below. If you have a tech you think I've missed or that people should know more about, get in touch, I'm always on the look out for the latest ideas. X