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How to choose your wedding DJ

One of the things it's vital to get right for your wedding celebrations is the DJ. You want the dancing to go with a bang, not end up with guests sitting around looking bored. But how do you find the right one for you from all the options? Well I've got some tips for you in this blog.

Being a successful wedding DJ is a special skill. It's not enough to have a wide range of tracks available for all likely tastes, but also to know how to read the audience, mixing and matching so that everyone can enjoy themselves. Playing the right kind of track at the right time is a fine art and some DJ's are better at this than others.

Tip 1 - try to see them in action

So many couples trust that the DJ their friend had is going to be fine, sometimes without ever having met them let alone heard them at an event. I highly recommend seeing your potential DJ for a chat, and if possible try to find out where they're working and see if you can pop in for a listen. Maybe they play regularly at a venue. They might be the main DJ preferred by the venue, so take the venues advice. If you really can't get to them live, look for videos on their Facebook page or speak to their previous customers. A good DJ will know how to get people to the dance floor even in the most difficult circumstance.

Tip 2 - does their personality match your own?

DJ's are people too. Some really just love to play the music but aren't so good at doing any intros. Some are just hilarious and fun to be round and will really connect with your guests. You need to have an idea of what will make you most comfortable. And if you need someone to do announcements ask your DJ what he or she is comfortable with. If you're looking for someone to do the cheesy gimicky DJ bit and you meet with someone who seems quite shy and serious, they aren't for you, so don't be afraid to keep looking.

Tip 3 - have a do and a don't play list

As well as knowing your first dance song, DJ's love to get an idea of the kind of thing you absolutely want to hear as well as another list of what you really don't want. Couple of small caveats on this though, firstly don't write a full 4-hour list of tracks to be played in order, they won't thank you for that. Secondly, bear in mind that some of those 'don't play' tracks may be really popular with your guests and if your DJ refuses to play it they will be harassed by your guests the whole night. You might need to give a little on some of the more popular songs but your DJ will know where and when to play it so…

Tip 4 - trust your DJ's knowledge

Your DJ will have loads of experience and knowledge built up, they should know what works to get your guests on their feet. They should know how to go from one track to another seamlessly (I've heard really bad DJ's in action and it's painful - you really don't want your guests to remember your reception for the wrong reasons). If you're really clubby dancy types then let your DJ know but allow them to play other songs for the guests looking for something a little different.

Tip 5 - what else can they do for you?

Many DJ's now will have added extras like magic mirrors, back drops, or LOVE letters. Or are prepared to take on other responsibilities, like supplying PA and microphones for the speeches. Have a look at what else your DJ can offer, you might find a great deal by getting it from them instead of through different suppliers.

I have a long list of DJs who specialise in weddings — between us, we can find the DJ who'll help make your wedding memorable for the right reasons. To get you started here are 3 of the best in Herts/Beds, but if you still need help narrowing down the options or asking the right questions, please let me know. X