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Planning websites versus a real wedding planner

As you search around in magazines and at wedding fairs, you'll sometimes hear people say 'you don't need a wedding planner, you can do it yourself using an app' and sometimes it's fair to say that is true. But do you really know the difference between what an app provides and what a real life wedding planner can do for you? This blog is all about those differences.

There are lots of places you can go for advice and ideas on how to plan your wedding and sure there are wedding planning websites like Bridebook that can offer tips on what to do (my Pinterest advice page has a lot of them) and what items you might need for your big day, the thing is the wedding planning websites only go so far. They're great resources for checklists and downloadable content but that pretty much sums it up, it's impersonal check-listing but if that's what you need then that's brilliant. A real-life wedding planner will help you with so much more.

A real-life wedding planner will help you with the details that result from whittling down the to-do list. We'll help you take that list and make the items a reality. Many couples are more than capable of whittling down what they want, most of the problems occur when not everyone is on the same page in terms of responsibilities and actually getting things done on time. If you read the advice columns on most wedding websites, you'll see common themes around issues that arise; family dramas, negotiating with suppliers, nagging doubts, all things that can't be helped by an impersonal service.

A real planner doesn't just keep you on track they'll keep you motivated and encouraged

A personal service based around your specific needs is always going to be more bespoke than a website can allow for. We'll help you find reliable suppliers whose track record we're more than aware of, as opposed to someone who's just created a listing and happens to work in your area. We'll help you negotiate terms with them. We'll help you understand the intricate details of their contracts and highlight areas for review. And if you're not comfortable having those conversations or don't want to deal with any problems as they occur, we'll do that for you too.

The practical support we offer extends to helping with doing set-ups; we'll spot things that other people might not even notice like slightly wonky table cloths or missing cutlery. We'll help with attaching buttonholes and fixing bridesmaids dresses. We'll help move decorations from one room to another. We'll track down guests who have wandered off. If need be, we'll help suppliers lug their equipment around a venue. And we'll always have an emergency kit full of pins and tape, toothpaste, shoe polish, etc. And of course be there for moral support.

Still think you don't need a wedding planner or that a checklist website will do everything for you? And don't let other people tell you that you're some how incapable if you decide you DO need a wedding planner. Actually, if you're not an organiser or feel overwhelmed with everything, it's okay to want to pass a bunch of jobs off to someone else, and that doesn't have to be someone related to you. X