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a picture of a clear balloon with the words 'will you marry me' written on it and smaller red balloons on the side and below that a picture of a grassy area of a mansion house grounds with gian white letters that say 'marry me'

Are you planning a wedding proposal?

If the answer is yes, you might be wondering how and when you should do it. It can feel like there's a lot of pressure to get the venue, the location and methods just right. I'm happy to offer you some ideas of how to get your proposal just right.

Where to propose

Any proposal is romantic, but it's essential to get the right setting. The important thing is to know what they will find most romantic. A country house hotel? A riverboat cruise? The Orient Express? Or maybe something more off-the-wall that has a special meaning for your relationship. Whatever it may be, that's more important than what someone else might tell you is romantic.

The Ring!

Of course, getting the ring right is all important, whether you use a 'temporary' ring or get the perfect ring first time, a bit of thought has to go into it. First off, do you know their ring size, do you know what they like? Seems obvious but wandering into a jeweller without some idea is setting yourself up for potential failure. My own proposal was so off-the-cuff that he didn't have a ring so had to use one I had laying around, then we went shopping together to get the real thing.

Have a think about the extras

Should you have a bottle of something fizzy on standby? Did you want to have friends and family hiding somewhere nearby for a surprise party? Maybe, like the couple in our picture, you think it'd be great to have something a bit unusual like large 'Marry Me' letters in the grounds of the venue or a 'Will you Marry Me' balloon (or balloon bouquet just to be sure). Maybe you think they'll like flowers but how many and which ones, or will you rely on the advice of our favourite florists. I can help you find suppliers to support your romantic gesture if you need it or have a look at the links below for further ideas.

Whatever you decide, make sure you contact the venue to discuss arrangements. Most venues will be delighted to pull out all the stops to create a romantic proposal that they won't want to refuse — or ever forget. X