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picture of a table at a wedding fair with a large pink balloon, a posy of pink flowers, leaflets and wooden crate all laid out in a decorative way

Getting the most from wedding fairs

Are you planning to attend a wedding fair or two this month? Do you know how to get the best out of your visit? Do you know if the suppliers you need will even be there? A little bit of preparation before you go can make all the difference to your wedding fair experience. Here are ten top tips for this wedding fair season.

1) If you've seen an organisers advert, have a look at their event page, see who they've tagged as being there, that way you can work out if it will be worth the trip.

2) Make sure you're going to the right ones. Some events organised by the same people will have a lot of the same suppliers, so mix it up a bit and go to events organised by different people.

3) Know why you're going. Are you looking for specific suppliers for final details or just getting ideas? If it's ideas, be open-minded and try every stand.

4) If you're going with the purpose of seeing the venue for the first time, know that you'll likely find a lot of the best bits hidden by suppliers stands. If you want to see the venue at its best make an appointment for a full visit and tour.

5) If you've booked a supplier, keep an eye on their event page for when they are at wedding fairs, then pop along for a visit, you'll get to chat with them and see what they've prepared.

6) A lot of suppliers and fair organisers will be sharing offers or running competitions, you'll need to give them your contact details so if you don't want to be contacted don't enter any competitions.

7) Have a look at each stand and see what is on offer, even if you think you don't need what they're offering they might have useful contacts, or they might even surprise you.

8) Allow yourself time for browsing and chatting, don't be in a rush to get away or you might miss something. If you plan two fairs in a day do one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

9) Take your team. A lot of fairs are in fab locations so why not take your gang out and enjoy lunch too. They might pick up information you missed, and they can share the load.

10) Review the bumpf. When you get home, take a look at everything you've been given and make notes about who and what was of interest. If you leave it a few days you might forget something.

If you plan ahead you should only go to the best fairs for what you need and avoid wasting time. Most importantly have fun at whichever fairs you visit. X