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Things to remember when planning your Winter Wedding

Winter is a beautiful romantic time of year and planning a winter wedding comes with its own challenges and considerations. But as long as you get the planning right you can have a fun, cosy, perfect winter wedding day. So, in this post we're going to cover the basics and offer some tips for planning your wedding at the coldest time of the year.

First, the big one, the weather

By far the biggest potential challenge for a winter wedding is the weather, where one year it'll be a mild but wet affair and another year we get a snowy wonderland (Winter early 2018 ring any bells?). The thing is, if you plan for either extreme and embrace the randomness, it's pretty easy to have a fun day. Depending on your venue and plans, you might want to consider having some fancy wellies on standby. Make a thing of it in your photos, have fun with it. Being prepared with fancy brollies or ones in your wedding colours, so that if it does rain your photos still look great and co-ordinated.

How warm is your venue?

Do you need extra heating? If you're having a marquee or barn reception seriously consider extra heating but make sure it's adjustable. Get the venue staff to ensure it is switched on early and that it can be turned off or down once the dancing starts. Do you need to provide extra cover/drapes around your entrances or switch up the table plan to keep your more delicate guests away from drafts? You and your guests will appreciate these thoughts whne the time comes.

Think about your guests comfort

Especially if you're going to be spending time outside for photos, consider having warming welcome drinks on standby for guests to enjoy. Mulled wine is traditional for Christmas and hot cocoa is great if you want something less boozy; add topping options and spices, set up a cocoa station so guests can create their own. They will definitely thank you for it.

Are there a lot of smokers in your friends and family group?

Yes, it's a bad habit but the smokers are going to spend a lot of time outside, it'd be nice to give them a warmish spot to sit in. If your venue has a designated area for this, check it out, can you add a couple of blankets or a fire pit to make them feel at ease?

Have coats (or capes!) on standby

If you're outside for photos for any length of time you'll need something to keep you warm, even if it's just between shots. Have someone you can rely on to look after you as you go off for the couple photos. If your budget and style allows there are lots of pretty options for extra cover that still matches in with your dress or outfit; fake fur stoles, and yes even capes or coats!

Be seen

If you're wearing white and going out into a snowy garden for photos it might start to look a little stark. Snowy scenery can make amazing dramatic and romantic backdrops but you may end up disappearing into the background, try to find areas with a little colour or cover for contrast.

Ok the elephant in the room and yes it involves the weather again!

You should always do a detailed venue visit prior to your wedding to iron out the final details of where things will happen, basically anywhere you and your guests will be allowed to go. If particularly bad inclement weather is predicted you need to have a conversation with your venue about plans, will they still be able to go ahead if you're willing to? Or will you need to postpone? Will all your suppliers be able to get to you? Will guests be able to get to you? In most cases you should be able to go ahead but being prepared and having a plan B for just in case is important.

Final thoughts from me

There are so many fabulous ways to reflect the season in your wedding. The colours, the feel, the atmosphere, even the smells of the season. Will you recreate a snowy scene inside your venue or a warm and cosy retreat? The choice is yours. Have a fabulous day x