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Vikki's Wedding Planning Stories

Vikki Richman - Your Friendly Wedding PlannerEach wedding day arrives full of its own stories - some good, some less so. I hope my blog's hints, tips, reflections and wedding planning ideas will help you to ensure that you fill your own wedding day with memories that will last a lifetime for all the right reasons.

Planning websites versus a real wedding planner

As you search around in magazines and at wedding fairs, you'll sometimes hear people say 'you don't need a wedding planner, you can do it yourself using an app' and sometimes it's fair to say that is true. But do you really know the difference between what an app provides and what a real life wedding planner can do for you? This blog is all about those differences. …

Vikki Richman - 19th February 2019

Understanding the wedding industry reports - beyond the headlines

Each year the UK wedding industry releases a set of reports on how it's doing and every year the average cost of a wedding seems to go up, which is what gets picked up by the main stream press, but that's only part of the story. With this blog I'm looking at what the figures and information means for suppliers and couples alike. …

Vikki Richman - 11th February 2019

Are you planning a wedding proposal?

If the answer is yes, you might be wondering how and when you should do it. It can feel like there's a lot of pressure to get the venue, the location and methods just right. I'm happy to offer you some ideas of how to get your proposal just right. …

Vikki Richman - 4th February 2019

I was a budget bride

If you're anything like me you'll see lots of amazing pictures of beautiful weddings and hear talk about how expensive weddings are these days and think, how can anyone justify spending that much on one day. The thing is, your wedding budget is a matter of perspective. If even the 'average' figures (usually somewhere between £17000 - £30000) the press like to shout about make you want to cry, then chances are you're a 'budget bride', but you know what, that is OK.…

Vikki Richman - 29th January 2019

What is a wedding photographer worth?

Wedding photographers come in every variation; the 'point and click', the 'staged' style, the HD glossy magazine worthy, and they all have their place in the market, and price themselves accordingly. If you're on the fence or undecided about whether a photographer is worth the expense or wondering what you'll really get out of it, take a read of this blog before you make your decision. …

Vikki Richman - 25th January 2019