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Vikki's Wedding Planning Stories

Vikki Richman - Your Friendly Wedding PlannerEach wedding day arrives full of its own stories - some good, some less so. I hope my blog's hints, tips, reflections and wedding planning ideas will help you to ensure that you fill your own wedding day with memories that will last a lifetime for all the right reasons.

What I Learned From The DIY Wedding Fair

The idea of an event built around the DIY Wedding has been brewing in me for several years. I saw the trend towards brides and couples crafting their own wedding items, some of them go on to make businesses from something that started out as a hobby, others vow never to put themselves through that again. But this is what I've learnt from all that went into planning The DIY Wedding Fair. …

Vikki Richman - 21st October 2019

Venue View: Offley Place, Hertfordshire

A venue steeped in history, Offley Place has a lot to offer wedding planning couples. Firstly it has gorgeous grounds but more than that it can offer space for weddings of different sizes. Independently owned since 2003, the venue has seen rejuvenation and introduction of new spaces and continues to grow so at the time of reading this, further offers may well have been added! So, what does it offer right now?…

Vikki Richman - 18th October 2019

Why?!?!?! Parents versus 'kids' wedding plans

Wedding planning raises so many why questions - why do we need a photographer, why is everything so expensive, why is someone taking over my wedding plans? With this blog I'm looking at some common challenges between adult children trying to plan their wedding and their nearest and dearest who seem to have other ideas. Because it's very easy in the heat of the moment to say or do something that is hard to take back, and quite often we say these things not to hurt someone but because they don't understand why you want to do Your wedding Your way.…

Vikki Richman - 15th October 2019

Venue View: Needham House Hotel, Hitchin, Herts.

Wedding venues come in all shapes and sizes, styles and sophistication. Whatever your heart desires is possible, depending on your budget and willingness to travel. For some couples it's important to have everything in one place. For others it's about finding a unique space with quirky features. This week I thought we'd look at a lovely hotel venue just outside of Hitchin in Hertfordshire, Needham House Hotel. …

Vikki Richman - 11th October 2019

Why The DIY Wedding Fair Part 3 - The Final Countdown

You know that the way to get the best from wedding fairs is about being prepared, right? Even if that is just giving yourself time to think about what you what to pick up from attending. In the last general blog about The DIY Wedding Fair before the actual event, let's look at what makes this different to your average wedding fair.…

Vikki Richman - 7th October 2019