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Vikki's Wedding Planning Stories

Vikki Richman - Your Friendly Wedding PlannerEach wedding day arrives full of its own stories - some good, some less so. I hope my blog's hints, tips, reflections and wedding planning ideas will help you to ensure that you fill your own wedding day with memories that will last a lifetime for all the right reasons.

Top tips for staying wedding day fit

On your wedding day there's so much going on it's easy to forget to take a drink of water or even to eat something, it's so important that you take the time to look after yourselves, no-one wants to faint from exhaustion or dehydration on their wedding day. So here are some top tips for staying in tip top condition on the big day.…

Vikki Richman - 17th June 2019

What I do as a Wedding Planner

Many couples think they don't need or maybe don't know what a wedding planner can do for their wedding, so I thought I'd run through some of the basics that I work on with each of my customers. This isn't a full detailed list of everything but should give you a good idea of what occurs. Short version, if there's something you don't want to do for your wedding, I will. …

Vikki Richman - 11th June 2019

Top tips on preparing for and surviving hayfever on your wedding day

So, we're well into wedding season and with it comes hayfever season. If you're a hayfever sufferer you may be wondering how to get through your big day without bloodshot eyes and a snotty nose, never attractive at the best of times, but definitely not how you want to be seen on your wedding day. As a fellow sufferer, I'm here to tell you there are things you can do to prepare and prevent the worst outbreak. …

Vikki Richman - 3rd June 2019

Things to consider when choosing your wedding venue

It is the first and biggest decision you'll make after agreeing to get married, but where do you start? Your choice of wedding venue will affect so many other decisions you need to make and direct your whole wedding planning journey so here are some helpful hints on how to prioritise and pick your favourite venue. …

Vikki Richman - 28th May 2019

Have you got your honeymoon planned yet?

With all the wedding planning and spending going on it can be hard to think about saving up for a honeymoon at the same time. But did you know that there are travel agents out there who can help you craft the perfect honeymoon AND create a honeymoon money pot for guests' donations. With this blog post I'll be looking at what's available and who to go to for the best advice. …

Vikki Richman - 20th May 2019